All You Need to Know About CNA

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) have a central role in the healthcare system. Since they spend the most time with patients, they form an invaluable link between patients and the rest of the healthcare system. As a result, this can be a fulfilling career for people who desire to help and care for others. If you have an interest in a nursing or healthcare career, then this article is for you. You’ll find all the relevant information you need to know about working as a CNA. From the roles, qualities to salary outlook.

Defining a CNA
A certified nursing assistant is an entry-level healthcare worker who serves under the supervision of a nurse to provide primary care for patients.

What Exactly Does a CNA Do?

The CNAs, also known as nursing aides, perform many duties in a nursing home or hospital that make them an integral part of the healthcare system. Their typical roles include patient care.

As the essential care providers for hospitals, nursing homes, and residential home care, they aid patients in basic activities. These are;

  • General patient and room hygiene.
  • Helping patients to eat or drink.
  • Assisting patients to move, change positions in bed.
  • Respond to patients concerns and requests
  • Answering call buttons on their behalf, among other duties.
  • Last but not least, they take vitals, monitor, and record patients’ progress.
  • Administering and ensuring patients take medication at the right time.

What Makes a Great CNA

As primary caregivers in facilities, CNAs must first and foremost possess an inclination to nurture. It is, therefore, not a career for everyone, but if you have the following qualities, you are on your way to becoming an excellent CNA. 


This career requires a lot of patience as one works around the clock helping people with daily tasks. In some cases, the patients can not do these activities on their own.


the healthcare system changes frequently. It is hard for a CNA’s daily routine to be the same. 

Keenness and Attention to Detail

CNAs handle vulnerable patients, and any slight error can have catastrophic effects on the patient’s health.


Dealing with people in pain is not easy. The caregiver’s compassion and kindness usually serve to soothe and lift patients’ spirits.

Where CNAs Work

Certified nursing assistants can work in any healthcare setting. These will range from nursing homes, hospitals, home healthcare, traveling aides, and adult daycares.

According to the  2020 BLS report, the largest employer for CNAs was nursing facilities with a 37% employment rate while government institutions were the least at only 4%. 

How Much Does a CNA Earn?

The average pay for CNAs varies according to the healthcare setting, industry, and geographic location. So, it’s hard to tell with precision the expected salary. However, the Bureau of Labour statistics periodically releases average salary ranges. As of 2020, it reported that an average CNA earns approximately 32,000 dollars annually. 

The highest paying industry being junior colleges and universities at 49000 dollars yearly. Check the full report here.

It is crucial to gather all the facts before getting into a CNA program. Whether you are planning to start a career in nursing or just looking to hone your skills, Bannic healthcare education is at the frontline to enlighten. 

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