We face countless emergencies daily. But how do we respond to these emergencies? Do you ever find yourself in a helpless situation that causes you to throw your hands in the air? This does not have to be the case. You have the power to change from being a helpless observer of an emergency to being a lifesaver. Your life-saving skills are what make the difference between life and death. We at Bannic Healthcare Education and Services exist to provide precisely these life-saving knowledge and skills. Our business is to ensure that you save a life by providing basic life-saving practices.


Equipping yourself with basic life-saving (BLS) knowledge and skills to address impending life-threatening situations is invaluable. Healthcare providers are resourceful individuals counted on as risk managers during emergency occurrences and events. Knowing how to safely and effectively respond to emergencies is critical in saving a life. Banking the knowledge in your mind and having the skills in your hands makes you a hero. We want to make you a life-saving hero by equipping you with basic life-saving skills that would transform your name from simply a nurse to a lifesaver nurse. 


The increasing rates of chronic health conditions, specifically heart attack and cardiac arrest conditions, necessitate creating a life-saving community. There is an increasing need for each individual, either a healthcare professional or layman, to have life-saving knowledge. For this reason, the Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use techniques are a must-have if you want to be a life-saver. We at Bannic Healthcare offer these courses equipping you with the right knowledge and hands-on skills. 


CPR is one of the basic techniques everyone needs to know. As a nurse or a nurse student, you are dependent on by people around you and your community at large. Hands-on CPR is an important skill that you need to have as you prepare to get into nursing practice or while serving your patients. We train and culture your skills in handling emergencies arising from cardiac arrest and heart attack. Your understanding to carry out chest compressions to facilitate pumping blood into the vital organs once the heart fails to function is a life-saving act that can sustain a person’s life in critical condition. Seeing someone collapse to the ground and become unresponsive or fail to have a pulse is a threatening situation. Such a situation calls for CPR to create artificial ventilation to maintain oxygenation and circulatory flow. Here at Bannic Healthcare, Education and Services are experts in building this skill. 


Another vital life-saving technique is the use of an AED electric shock machine. This is used to reinstate the heart’s normal pulse in the event of a cardiac arrest. While the use of an AED appears to be simple, it calls for appropriate training of its use, handling, and operating if it is to be used to save a life. AED use does not require certification. However, getting appropriate training on AED use is crucial to building your confidence when using it to save a life. It is this confidence that we at Bannic Healthcare want to build in you through offering appropriate training and capacity building. 


We all need to be empowered to rise above the helpless situations that we face every day. Gaining knowledge and skills on basic life-saving tactics is a must-have for every individual. Contact Bannic Healthcare Education and Service to enroll for a course today to be a lifesaver nurse.