CCRN Review


What does CCRN Mean?

CCRN is a board certification that can be obtained by nurses who care for patients in acute care and/or critical care settings. CCRN is a registered trademark and does not stand for “Critical Care Registered Nurse” but rather is an affirmation of certification that a registered nurse (RN) or advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) has met the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) eligibility requirements and has successfully passed the CCRN examination.



What is CCRN Certification?

CCRN certification is granted by AACN. Registered nurses, who have not successfully obtained CCRN certification or those with CCRN certification that has lapsed or become inactive, are not authorized to use the CCRN credentials.

CCRN certification is a board certification granted by AACN Certification Corporation. It validates that a registered nurse has achieved a level of knowledge in nursing necessary to care for patients in the acute care and/or critical care setting. CCRN certification denotes that the registered nurse is qualified and component, as well as, has met the rigorous certification requirements set forth by AACN necessary to achieve board certification status.

About the Course

This dynamic and comprehensive review course is designed to educate and prepare registered nurses for the CCRN Certification Exam. The learner will have the ability to review course materials at his or hers own paced, anytime, anywhere. We strongly recommend that our students complete all of the CCRN review practice exam questions and review the test plan in the CCRN Handbook by AACN.

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