IV Therapy


The Intravenous Therapy (IV Therapy) course is designed to ensure safe practice in Intravenous Therapy and  to uphold quality nursing practice. This course will enhance the students’ attitude, knowledge, and skills in the delivery of their expanded role as intravenous nurse therapists. Through their knowledge of the nursing process, their holistic approach to patient care is enhanced and their clinical competence is achieved.



The Intravenous Therapy (IV Therapy) course consists of discussions of concepts in intravenous therapy and demonstrations of skills in access-related situations. It has lectures and practice utilizing Procedure I-IV as the framework for providing safe IV therapy practice.

After the didactic phase of the IV therapy training, each participant is required to show competency in the following procedures:

  • Initiating and maintaining peripheral IV therapy infusions
  • Administering IV drugs
  • Administering and maintaining blood and blood components
  • Preparing and maintaining Total Parenteral Nutrition
  • One-on-One IV insertion under the direct supervision of a trainer/preceptor

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