Do you have that strong urge to care for people and see that they are in their best shape? Nursing is definitely a career that you would want to pursue. Passionate individuals obsessed with the desire to helping others find their fulfillment and satisfaction in the nursing career.

Nursing is not only a career but a vocation that enables people to live up to their purpose. This means that you need to be well equipped with the right education and certification to do that which you know best. The increasing need for care in society today, in hospitals, clinics, residential homes, hospices, prisons, among others, requires a self-motivated individual to offer the best care. But you might be wondering how or where to begin this career journey. To achieve your dreams, you need to have all the educational requirements at your fingertips to have your right foot forward.

Getting the right education is the first step to get into a nursing career. After high school education, one might be wondering what’s the next step for them to spark their ambition in nursing. Here is the secret. Getting a certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) training as an initiator for your nursing career is the best decision. Getting CNA training before joining a nursing school provided the following advantages:

  1. Enjoy an easier time in school: CNA training provides a perfect avenue for learners to experience the care setting. This includes close interaction with patients and medical equipment. Having this prior one-on-one interaction provides learners an easy time in their entry-level nursing studies as they have the basics.
  2. Build on your Experience:  Getting CNA training provides a perfect opportunity to gain first-hand experience. You also get to benefit from the mentorship you get to receive from lead nurses. You are placed ahead of the game once you get your nursing degree.
  3. Builds your resume: Having CNA training early enough helps build your resume. This is crucial because you have a better chance to be hired in different care settings before and more, especially once you become a nurse.
  4. Familiarize with the CNA role: Once a nurse, you will effectively guide and orient CNAs working under you. With prior CNA training, you will be better positioned to manage your team and facilitate quality care.

Beginning your nursing career by undertaking CNA training. Many nurses who commenced their nursing career with CNA training admit to having less trouble and an easy time studying, finding a job, and enabled them to be the nurses they wanted to be. They recommend CNA training as the first step into the nursing career.