Unbelievable Work Freedom That CNAs Enjoy

Does the thought of a desk job fill you with dread? Are you more alive and passionate when on your toes? If your answer to these questions is yes, then a CNA position is the right fit. 

Additionally, a nursing assistant career presents plenty of opportunities and flexibility that an innovative individual can utilize.

These are some of the reasons why CNAs have an exciting career with more work freedom.

Multiple Employment Options

The nature of a certified nursing assistant job in itself presents opportunities to work both in and outside healthcare facilities. They do not have to be restricted to hospitals as there are other sectors in need of their services. For instance, they can work as personal care aides, home healthcare aides, or healthcare and nursing support staff. There are also more employment sectors that CNAs can explore-nursing homes, home healthcare, government institutions, private practice, etc.

Fast Training and Certification

Becoming a CNA is the fastest way to jumpstart a healthcare career. Most of the programs take a shorter time and have a flexible learning schedule. The accelerated options fit several classes in a week, meaning you can start a career sooner than other healthcare courses. Another advantage is the part-time learning allows you to train while working.

Flexible Schedules

CNAs have the most flexible schedules. Unlike the 9 to 5 regular desk jobs, they can operate on a convenient shift. Certain healthcare facilities hire CNAs for 12-hour shifts for fewer days a week. In such instances, the assistant nurse can have free three or four days to pursue personal developments. Others can opt to have night shifts, evening, and weekend shifts. Due to the demands in healthcare, part-time schedules are also at a CNAs disposal. A CNA job allows the freedom to take on other unrelated side businesses and a better work-life balance.

Specialization Options for a CNA

CNA careers are usually entry-level jobs in the medical field. Working as an assistant nurse eventually exposes one to various specializations. With a nursing background, nurse assistants can choose to specialize in nursing. Alternatively, pursue other medical fields like pediatrics or surgery. Their specialization options are not as limited.

Job Stability and Security

The demand for nursing assistants will have an 8% increase by 2028. That’s according to the US Bureau of labor statistics. The projection makes CNA one of the most stable and secure jobs in the world for the foreseeable future. As the number of retirees and chronic illnesses increases, so does job openings for CNAs. Take a look at these numbers- 60% of Americans have at least one chronic sickness and 42% had more than one, while about 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 years daily.

Diverse Job Duties

No single day is the same for a CNA.

CNAs are nursing professionals who are always on their feet. There are no dull moments for this profession as CNAs do multiple duties in a day. From assisting patients with routine tasks to checking vitals, they enjoy an active job role with new challenges each day that incite growth.

Given these benefits and flexibilities, a CNA career is a definite hit. If all this sounds interesting, consider joining an assistant nursing certification program and enjoy the work freedom it gives.